The Team

Katherine, Dustin and Kyle

Katherine, Dustin and Kyle


We’re Katherine, Kyle and Dustin, friends since high school. Sharing entrepreneurial spirit and interest in the general goodness of plants, we joined forces in early 2019 to create Commonhealth Botanicals.  We’re excited to bring a wide range of potential health benefits and delicious flavors to our families, friends and customers through our conscientiously crafted, plant-based products.

All three of us were born and raised in the Commonwealth of Virginia: Charlottesville, to be precise. We left for college and early-adulting elsewhere, ultimately returning to our beloved hometown to be near our parents and to raise families of our own. 

It’s our pleasure to bring you a taste of what we love. Cheers to family, fun, and wellness.


The Board

Our kids (Jamie, Kate, and Lyal, respectively) were all born in late 2017/early 2018, and (apparently sharing our entrepreneurial tendencies) rapidly climbed the ranks to serve as the Board of Directors for Commonhealth Botanicals. They keep a watchful eye on all production and offer constructive criticism when the parents are behaving like children.